J.P. Morgan Asset Management Survey Unveils Growing Demand for Improved Retirement Income Support Among Plan Participants
Prnewswire· 2024-07-25 00:00
Nearly 80% of Plan Participants Worry About Securing Lifetime Retirement IncomeNEW YORK, July 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- J.P. Morgan Asset Management today released its 2024 Defined Contribution (DC) Plan Participant Survey, shedding light on the dynamic changes in retirement savings and the evolving expectations of plan participants. The survey reveals a notable shift, with participants increasingly seeking robust retirement income support and enhanced resources for financial wellness and education. This yea ...
J.P. Morgan Asset Management Welcomes Josh Myerberg as Head of Real Estate Americas Portfolio Strategy
Prnewswire· 2024-07-24 21:15
- Myerberg Brings Expertise from Morgan Stanley to Accelerate J.P. Morgan's Real Estate Growth - NEW YORK, July 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- J.P. Morgan Asset Management today announced the appointment of Josh Myerberg as Managing Director and Head of Portfolio Strategy for Core and Core Plus Real Estate Americas investment platforms. This strategic hire underscores the firm's commitment to expanding its flagship real estate business, which boasts a 60-year legacy of equity and debt fund capabilities. Myerberg ...
3 Stocks to Invest In for Post-War Rebuilding
Investor Place· 2024-07-19 01:21
文章核心观点 - 战争导致基础设施遭受严重破坏,但也带来了重建的机遇 [1][2][3] - 多家欧美公司已表示愿意参与乌克兰和以色列的重建项目,这些项目多由政府出资 [2][3] - 预计乌克兰重建需要4860亿美元,以色列重建成本尚未完全确定 [3] 公司总结 雀巢(Nestle) - 雀巢计划在乌克兰西部投资4270万美元建设新生产设施 [5][7] - 雀巢希望利用战后乌克兰较低的生活水平和劳动力成本,提高在该地区的产品竞争力 [6][7] - 雀巢的重建投资将为乌克兰经济复苏提供新的就业机会 [7] 摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase) - 摩根大通与贝莱德共同制定了乌克兰战后重建的计划,包括在基辅设立重建银行 [9][10] - 摩根大通和贝莱德已募集到近5亿美元的重建资金,未来可能达到10亿美元 [10] - 摩根大通将从提供重建贷款中获得收益,这将成为其新的利润来源 [10][11] 联合利华(Unilever) - 联合利华宣布在基辅地区投资2000万欧元建设新生产设施 [13][14] - 该项目预计于2024年投产,将有助于联合利华在东欧市场的业务拓展 [14] - 联合利华的投资将为乌克兰经济注入资金和就业机会,但前提是战争和平结束 [15]
JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Is Up 0.07% in One Week: What You Should Know
ZACKS· 2024-07-19 01:02
Momentum investing is all about the idea of following a stock's recent trend, which can be in either direction. In the 'long' context, investors will essentially be "buying high, but hoping to sell even higher." And for investors following this methodology, taking advantage of trends in a stock's price is key; once a stock establishes a course, it is more than likely to continue moving in that direction. The goal is that once a stock heads down a fixed path, it will lead to timely and profitable trades.Even ...
Jamie Dimon Just Gave Investors a Big Warning -- Should You Be Worried?
The Motley Fool· 2024-07-18 18:03
The JPMorgan Chase CEO had some words of caution, despite the market's recent optimism.JPMorgan Chase (JPM 1.52%) recently kicked off earnings season for the big U.S. banks, and for the most part, the numbers looked strong. The megabank beat analyst expectations on both the top and bottom lines. Earnings and revenue grew by 25% and 20%, respectively, year over year, and investment-banking revenue jumped by more than 50%.While the earnings results generally looked strong, it's important to note that CEO Jami ...
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon says he'll add thousands of jobs focused on AI in the next couple of years
Business Insider· 2024-07-18 09:53
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is a huge believer in artificial intelligence's impact on the workforce.The CEO recently told LinkedIn that his company has around 2,000 people focused on AI."My guess is that number is going to be 5,000 in a couple of years," he said. Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read preview Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Email address ...
Top Wall Street analysts are pounding the table on these 3 dividend stocks
CNBC· 2024-07-14 18:37
Walmart trailers sit in storage at a Walmart Distribution Center in Hurricane, Utah on May 30, 2024.Dividend-paying stocks can enhance investors' portfolio returns and provide certainty in shaky markets.Investors can track Wall Street analysts' ratings to select stocks of dividend-paying companies that have attractive growth prospects, which could boost earnings and cash flows to support higher dividends.Here are three attractive dividend stocks, according to Wall Street's top experts on TipRanks, a platfor ...
海通国际· 2024-07-14 15:31
[Table_Title] 研究报告 Research Report 12 Jul 2024 摩根大通 J.P. Morgan (JPM US) 营收利润均超预期,净息差及不良率不及预期 Revenue & Profit Beat, NIM & NPL Ratio Miss 周琦 Nicole Zhou, CFA 林加力 Jiali Lin nicole.q.zhou@htisec.com jiali.lin@htisec.com [Table_yemei1] 热点速评 Flash Analysis [Table_summary] (Please see APPENDIX 1 for English summary) 事件 摩根大通(JPM.US)发布 2024 年二季度业绩报告。 点评 24Q2 营收利润均超预期,消费社区银行业务不及预期,商业银行、企业投行和资产及财富管理业务超预期: 营业收入同比+21.5%,优于彭博一致预期的+8.9%。 o 净利息收入+4.4%,弱于彭博一致预期的+4.7%。 o 非息收入同比+40.6%,优于彭博一致预期的+24.1%。 成本收入比同比-3pct 至 47%,优于彭 ...
JPMorgan (JPM) Plans to Grow Consumer Deposit Market Share
ZACKS· 2024-07-13 01:26
JPMorgan (JPM) aims to capture 15% of the nation’s consumer deposits, Marianne Lake, CEO of the Consumer and Community Banking segment, said in an interview with Reuters. This aligns with the company’s aim to expand its market share and scalability.As of the end of June 2023, JPM accounted for an 11.3% share of U.S. retail deposits.Lake stated, “Market share is a game of inches, and it is a very powerful game. While we are not putting any timeline on it, our strategies are geared towards achieving it.”As of ...
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon warns inflation and interest rates may stay higher for longer than expected
New York Post· 2024-07-13 01:04
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warned that inflation and interest rates may stay higher for longer than expected, even as three of the biggest US banks posted solid quarterly results. “There has been some progress bringing inflation down, but there are still multiple inflationary forces in front of us: large fiscal deficits, infrastructure needs, restructuring of trade and remilitarization of the world,” Dimon said. “Therefore, inflation and interest rates may stay higher than the market expects.”Inflation ...