极氪(ZK) - 2024 Q1 - Quarterly Results
2024-06-11 17:45
财务表现 - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的总车辆交付量为33,059辆,同比增长117%[2] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的车辆销售额为81.74亿元人民币(11.32亿美元),同比增长73.0%[2] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的总收入为147.37亿元人民币(20.41亿美元),同比增长71.0%[4] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的毛利为17.39亿元人民币(2.41亿美元),同比增长154.9%[5] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的毛利率为11.8%,较去年同期增长3.9%[6] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的营运亏损为20.87亿元人民币(2.89亿美元),同比减少11.2%[7] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的净亏损为20.22亿元人民币(2.80亿美元),同比减少18.0%[8] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的研发费用为19.25亿元人民币(2.67亿美元),同比增长6.7%[24] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的销售、一般及管理费用为19.52亿元人民币(2.70亿美元),同比增长51.9%[25] - 第一季度2024年,基本和稀释每股净亏损均为人民币1.01元(美元0.14),较2023年第一季度的人民币1.20元和2023年第四季度的人民币1.49元有所下降[34][35] - 截至2024年3月31日,现金及现金等价物和受限现金为人民币3,791.1百万元(美元525.1百万)[36] - 截至2024年3月31日,ZEEKR的资产总额为人民币28,530,040千元(3,951,364美元),负债总额为人民币39,270,781千元(5,438,940美元),股东权益(负债)为人民币10,740,741千元(1,487,576美元)[47][48] - 2024年第一季度,ZEEKR的总收入为人民币14,736,752千元(2,041,016美元),净亏损为人民币2,022,106千元(280,059美元),基本和稀释每股净亏损为人民币1.01元(美元0.14)[49] 公司介绍 - ZEEKR是一家快速增长的智能电动汽车技术公司,致力于通过开发和销售下一代高端电动汽车和技术驱动解决方案,引领汽车行业的电气化、智能化和创新[40] - ZEEKR的努力得到了强大的内部研发能力、对产品的深刻理解、高度的运营灵活性和扁平高效的组织结构的支持,这些特点使得快速产品开发、推出和迭代成为可能[41] 财务指标 - 公司使用非GAAP财务指标来评估其运营结果和财务决策,通过排除股权激励支出的影响,公司认为非GAAP财务指标有助于识别业务的基本趋势,并增强对公司过去表现和未来前景的整体理解[42] 汇率和声明 - 本公告包含特定人民币金额转换为美元的信息,除非另有说明,所有人民币到美元和美元到人民币的转换均以2024年3月29日的汇率为准[44] - 本公告包含前瞻性声明,这些声明是根据美国1995年私人证券诉讼改革法案的“安全港”规定制定的,不是历史事实,包括关于公司信念和期望的声明[45]
ZEEKR Reports First Quarter 2024 Unaudited Financial Results
Prnewswire· 2024-06-11 17:06
文章核心观点 - 公司在2024年第一季度交付33,059辆车,同比增长117%,创下新的季度纪录高点,巩固了其在中国价格超过20万元的纯电动车市场的领先地位[2] - 公司2024年第一季度总收入为147.37亿元人民币,同比增长71.0%,毛利润为17.39亿元人民币,同比增长154.9%[5][6] - 公司2024年第一季度车辆毛利率为14.0%,同比提高3.9个百分点,主要得益于采购成本控制[4][23] 财务数据总结 收入 - 2024年第一季度车辆销售收入为81.74亿元人民币,同比增长73.0%,环比下降22.8%[17] - 电池及其他部件销售收入为63.19亿元人民币,同比增长82.0%,环比增长56.5%[18] - 研发服务及其他服务收入为2.44亿元人民币,同比下降42.4%,环比下降85.9%[19] 毛利及毛利率 - 2024年第一季度毛利为17.39亿元人民币,同比增长154.9%,环比下降25.3%[21] - 毛利率为11.8%,同比提高3.9个百分点,环比下降2.4个百分点[22] - 车辆毛利率为14.0%,同比提高3.9个百分点,环比下降1.3个百分点[23] 费用及亏损 - 研发费用为19.25亿元人民币,同比增加6.7%,环比下降39.1%[24] - 销售、一般及管理费用为19.52亿元人民币,同比增加51.9%,环比下降11.6%[25] - 经营亏损为20.87亿元人民币,同比减少11.2%,环比减少29.3%[26][27] - 净亏损为20.22亿元人民币,同比减少18.0%,环比减少31.2%[29][30] 其他信息 - 公司在2024年4月和5月分别交付16,089辆和18,616辆车,同比分别增长99%和115%[12] - 公司先后推出了ZEEKR 001 2024款、ZEEKR 009 Grand等新车型[13][14] - 公司在2024年3月在纽约证券交易所成功上市,大幅增强了资产负债表实力,为长期发展奠定了基础[16]
ZEEKR Announces May 2024 Delivery Update
Prnewswire· 2024-06-01 17:55
HANGZHOU, China, June 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Holding Limited ("ZEEKR" or the "Company") (NYSE: ZK), a fast-growing intelligent battery electric vehicle ("BEV") technology company, today announced its delivery results for May 2024. ZEEKR delivered 18,616 vehicles in May 2024, representing an increase of 115% year over year. The cumulative deliveries of ZEEKR vehicles reached 264,397 as of the end of May 2024. About ZEEKR ZEEKR is a fast-growing intelligent BEV technology company ...
Chinese EV Maker Zeekr Continues Rising After IPO
Investopedia· 2024-05-14 00:06
Key TakeawaysAmerican depositary shares (ADSs) of Zeekr, a Chinese electric vehicle and battery manufacturer, continued to rise in intraday trading Monday.The company's debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) took place Friday, with ADSs rising nearly 35%.Zeekr is one of many EV makers in China increasing competition and making life more difficult for international brands like Tesla. Zeekr Intelligent Technology Holding's (ZK) American depositary shares (ADSs) continued to rise in intraday trading Monda ...
Should You Buy Zeekr (ZK) Stock After Its IPO?
InvestorPlace· 2024-05-11 03:33
China-based premium-label electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Zeekr (NYSE:ZK) got off to a strong debut on Friday, ironically amid the Biden administration’s plans to raise tariffs on Chinese vehicle imports to the U.S., according to Reuters. The dichotomy reflects the double-forked nature of ZK stock.As InvestorPlace contributor Dana Blankenhorn explained, Zeekr represents a spinoff from Geely (OTCMKTS:GELYY). It’s the second such entity to be traded in U.S. exchanges, following Polestar (NASDAQ:PSNY), a sp ...
Zeekr prices upsized US IPO at top end of range
Proactive Investors· 2024-05-10 22:31
About this content About Emily Jarvie Emily began her career as a political journalist for Australian Community Media in Hobart, Tasmania. After she relocated to Toronto, Canada, she reported on business, legal, and scientific developments in the emerging psychedelics sector before joining Proactive in 2022. She brings a strong journalism background with her work featured in newspapers, magazines, and digital publications across Australia, Europe, and North America, including The Examiner, The Advocate, ...
ZK Stock Alert: 7 Things to Know as Zeekr Starts Trading Today
InvestorPlace· 2024-05-10 21:47
Zeekr (NYSE:ZK), a Chinese maker of luxury electric vehicles (EVs), holds its IPO today with an initial price of $21 per share. The price is at the top of the expected range. It indicates strong demand for the 21 million American Depository Receipts (ADRs) being offered. Zeekr filed an F-1 document with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) early this month.However, the most important thing for many to know about Zeekr is that Zeekr is not the story here.Zeeker Is Another Geely JointZeekr is yet anot ...
Can The ZEEKR IPO Provide A Jolt Of Enthusiasm For Chinese IPOs?
Forbes· 2024-05-10 21:17
Geely-backed EV brand illustrates China’s strategy to dominate the global market as cars go electric and intelligentA lot is riding on the IPO of ZEEKR, the Chinese EV maker, which is expected to start trading today on the NYSE under the symbol (NYSE: ZK) after pricing at the top of its range at $41 per share. At a market cap of just over $5 billion, this is the first IPO of any real size coming from the PRC since the debacle of Didi Chuxing’s (OTC: DIDIY) listing and subsequent delisting in 2021.Bankers in ...
ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Holding Limited Announces Pricing of its Initial Public Offering
Prnewswire· 2024-05-10 17:16
HANGZHOU, China, May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Holding Limited ("ZEEKR" or the "Company") (NYSE: ZK), a fast-growing battery electric vehicle ("BEV") technology company, today announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 21,000,000 American Depositary Shares ("ADSs"), each representing 10 ordinary shares of the Company, at US$21.0 per ADS. The ADSs will begin trading on May 10, 2024, on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "ZK." The offering is expected ...
Chinese EV maker Zeekr prices IPO at $21, at the top end of range, reports say
CNBC· 2024-05-10 05:25
A Zeekr 001 electric vehicle (EV) by Geely is seen displayed at the Zeekr booth during a media day for the Auto Shanghai show in Shanghai, China April 19, 2021.Chinese electric vehicle maker Zeekr priced its initial public offering at $21 a share Thursday, at the top end of its range, according to news reports.The company will sell 21 million American depository shares to raise $441 million when it begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday under the ticker ZK, Reuters and Bloomberg News report ...