Down -8.54% in 4 Weeks, Here's Why You Should You Buy the Dip in Alcoa (AA)
ZACKS· 2024-07-19 22:35
Alcoa (AA) has been on a downward spiral lately with significant selling pressure. After declining 8.5% over the past four weeks, the stock looks well positioned for a trend reversal as it is now in oversold territory and there is strong agreement among Wall Street analysts that the company will report better earnings than they predicted earlier.Guide to Identifying Oversold StocksWe use Relative Strength Index (RSI), one of the most commonly used technical indicators, for spotting whether a stock is overso ...
Alcoa's Profitability Program Reaping Results - Analyst Sees Tailwinds From Lagged Alumina Pricing
Benzinga· 2024-07-19 01:58
Loading...Loading...B Riley Securities analyst Lucas Pipes maintains Alcoa Corporation AA with a Neutral rating, raising the price target from $39 to $43.According to the analyst, Alcoa is highly focused on closing the Alumina Limited acquisition immediately, which appears to be comfortably on pace for the August 1 target.For the operating footprint, the company has made strides in its profitability improvement program, with a $350 million run-rate achieved to date and $295 million left to achieve over the ...
Alcoa(AA) - 2024 Q2 - Earnings Call Transcript
2024-07-18 07:38
财务数据和关键指标变化 - 第二季度收入增加至29亿美元,主要由于铝土矿和铝价格上涨 [12] - 第二季度净利润为2000万美元,较上季度亏损2.52亿美元有所改善,每股收益提升1.52美元至0.11美元 [12] - 经调整后的净利润为3000万美元,每股0.16美元,经调整EBITDA增加1.93亿美元至3.25亿美元 [13] 各条业务线数据和关键指标变化 - 铝土矿业务收入增加5%,主要由于平均实现价格上涨,但销量有所下降 [12] - 铝业务收入增加16%,主要由于平均实现价格上涨和销量增加 [12] 各个市场数据和关键指标变化 - 铝土矿市场供应偏紧,中国和其他地区的供应问题导致价格大幅上涨 [25][26][27] - 铝市场价格上涨,主要由于供给有限和需求持续增长,导致库存处于历史低位 [30][31] 公司战略和发展方向及行业竞争 - 公司正在推进收购Alumina Limited的交易,预计8月1日完成 [8][9] - 公司正在推进提升盈利能力的各项举措,已完成超过一半的目标 [40][41][42] - 公司正在寻求解决西班牙San Ciprian资产的出路,包括提升竞争力和寻求出售 [43][44] - 公司与ELYSIS合作,将在魁北克建设首个大规模ELYSIS技术示范项目 [38][39] - 公司看好铝土矿和铝行业的中长期前景 [25][27][30][34] 管理层对经营环境和未来前景的评论 - 铝土矿市场供应偏紧,未来需求有望保持增长,但存在碳足迹和bauxite供给挑战 [25][26][27][28] - 铝市场供给有限,需求持续增长,但未来5-10年内新增产能有限 [30][31][32][34] - 公司正在推进各项提升盈利能力的举措,取得良好进展,但仍有进一步提升空间 [40][41][42] - 公司正在积极寻求解决西班牙资产的出路,但存在一定不确定性 [43][44] 其他重要信息 - 公司安全绩效和生产稳定性持续改善,多个工厂创下产量纪录 [35][36][37] - 公司将承担Alumina Limited约3.9亿美元的债务,并考虑进一步去杠杆化 [19][80][81] - 第三季度公司预计其他企业成本和利息费用将有所增加 [20] 问答环节重要的提问和回答 问题1 **Carlos De Alba 提问** 询问收购Alumina Limited后协同效应的实现进度 [48][49] **Molly Beerman 回答** 公司将立即实现1200万美元的管理费用协同,其他协同效应如资本配置优化将需要一定时间逐步实现 [50][51] 问题2 **Katja Jancic 提问** 询问澳大利亚bauxite品位下降对铝土矿业务的影响 [54][55][56][57] **Molly Beerman 回答** 公司正在评估维护成本水平,未来将提供更多指引 [55] 问题3 **Alex Hacking 提问** 询问公司未来去杠杆化的具体措施 [80][81][84][85][86][87] **Molly Beerman和William Oplinger回答** 公司正在评估各种去杠杆化的选择,包括合理配置债务、利用经营现金流等,但不会通过大规模资产出售来去杠杆 [85][86][87]
Alcoa (AA) Q2 Earnings: Taking a Look at Key Metrics Versus Estimates
ZACKS· 2024-07-18 07:30
For the quarter ended June 2024, Alcoa (AA) reported revenue of $2.91 billion, up 8.3% over the same period last year. EPS came in at $0.16, compared to -$0.35 in the year-ago quarter.The reported revenue compares to the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $2.96 billion, representing a surprise of -1.92%. The company delivered an EPS surprise of +45.45%, with the consensus EPS estimate being $0.11.While investors closely watch year-over-year changes in headline numbers -- revenue and earnings -- and how they compar ...
Alcoa(AA) - 2024 Q2 - Earnings Call Presentation
2024-07-18 07:00
2 nd Quarter Earnings Alcoa Corporation July 17, 2024 1 Cautionary Statement regarding Forward-Looking Statements This presentation contains statements that relate to future events and expectations and as such constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements include those containing such words as "aims," "ambition," "anticipates," "believes," "could," "develop," "endeavors," "estimates," "expects," "forecasts," "goal ...
Alcoa (AA) Q2 Earnings Top Estimates
ZACKS· 2024-07-18 06:20
Alcoa (AA) came out with quarterly earnings of $0.16 per share, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.11 per share. This compares to loss of $0.35 per share a year ago. These figures are adjusted for non-recurring items.This quarterly report represents an earnings surprise of 45.45%. A quarter ago, it was expected that this bauxite, alumina and aluminum products company would post a loss of $0.62 per share when it actually produced a loss of $0.81, delivering a surprise of -30.65%.Over the last four qu ...
Alcoa(AA) - 2024 Q2 - Quarterly Results
2024-07-18 04:16
净收入预测 - 第二季度2024年,Alcoa公司预计净收入将在5000万至2.5亿美元之间,较2024年第一季度的2.52亿美元亏损有所增长[8] EBITDA预测 - 第二季度2024年,Alcoa公司预计调整后的EBITDA(不包括特殊项目)将在3.1亿至3.3亿美元之间,较第一季度的1.32亿美元和去年同期的1.37亿美元有所增长[9] - 铝业务调整后的EBITDA预计将在2.3亿至2.4亿美元之间,较上一季度有显著增长,主要受益于铝价上涨和生产成本降低[10] 出货量和收入预测 - 铝业务的总出货量预计将较上一季度增加约7%,主要受到出货时间和Warrick Operations一条生产线的重新启动的影响[6] - 铝业务的总收入预计将在2.85亿至2.925亿美元之间,较上一季度有所增长,主要受益于铝土矿和铝的平均实现价格上涨[7] 现金余额和收购计划 - Alcoa公司的现金余额预计将在2024年6月30日左右接近14亿美元,与上一季度持平,部分受到运营现金流增加的影响[11] - Alcoa公司计划于2024年8月1日左右完成对Alumina Limited的收购,此次收购已获得澳大利亚外国投资审查委员会的批准[12] 技术进展和工厂情况 - Alcoa公司在2024年第二季度继续推进ELYSIS技术,并计划与Rio Tinto合作展示这一突破性技术的首个工业规模演示[13] - Alcoa公司完成了位于澳大利亚的Kwinana精炼厂的全面停产,同时继续寻找可行的能源解决方案,并计划出售San Ciprián综合体[14] 净利润和特殊项目 - Alcoa公司2024年6月季度净利润预计为5亿至25亿美元,相比2023年同期的净利润-25.2亿美元有所改善[27] - 特殊项目包括重组和其他费用净额约20亿美元,其他特殊项目约22亿美元[28] - Alcoa公司2024年6月季度调整后的净利润预计为15亿至35亿美元,调整后的每股收益为0.08至0.19美元[30]
Housing Starts Increased More Than Expected
ZACKS· 2024-07-18 00:21
Pre-market futures are down this morning. This does not appear to be as a result of any releases ahead of the open, but as sort of a mass realization that markets have climbed historically high over the past few weeks — even the Dow hit an all-time closing high yesterday — and another round of profit-taking seems to be in order. The Dow is down -120 points at this hour, the S&P 500 is -56 points, the Nasdaq is down a significant -300 and the small-cap Russell 2000 is -17. To be clear, we’re not seeing anyth ...
Alcoa (AA) Moves to Buy: Rationale Behind the Upgrade
ZACKS· 2024-07-17 01:05
Alcoa (AA) could be a solid choice for investors given its recent upgrade to a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy). An upward trend in earnings estimates -- one of the most powerful forces impacting stock prices -- has triggered this rating change.The Zacks rating relies solely on a company's changing earnings picture. It tracks EPS estimates for the current and following years from the sell-side analysts covering the stock through a consensus measure -- the Zacks Consensus Estimate.Individual investors often find it hard ...
Is Alcoa (AA) Stock Outpacing Its Industrial Products Peers This Year?
ZACKS· 2024-07-16 22:41
Investors interested in Industrial Products stocks should always be looking to find the best-performing companies in the group. Alcoa (AA) is a stock that can certainly grab the attention of many investors, but do its recent returns compare favorably to the sector as a whole? A quick glance at the company's year-to-date performance in comparison to the rest of the Industrial Products sector should help us answer this question.Alcoa is one of 218 individual stocks in the Industrial Products sector. Collectiv ...